We are one of the foremost realtors in the north-east dealing with all kinds of premium retail spaces. The retail properties that we bring to you are the absolute best in terms of specifications, locations and pricing. We do utmost due diligence to assure you that all the process from negotiating to handover is smooth and hassle free. Moreover we do the best negotiations for you in terms of rentals & other terms & conditions. We extend our services to everyone. In case you have a retail property that you would like to put up in the market but are not confident as to how, we will get you clients that you can depend on and trust. If you are a new retailer looking to enter into the huge untapped market in the north-east, we are your perfect partners. Our extensive resources in terms of knowledge and manpower will be able to pinpoint locations that will work best for your business.



We also provide you properties for other commercial operations like office, clinic, gym, restaurant, bar, cloud kitchens, salon, institutes etc. We understand that investing in a commercial property is one of the best sources of income for you but they often are difficult to close. You can lean on our legacy and long-time experience to get you a deal that you will find difficult to resist. Apart from that our team completely handholds you through the process so that you are comfortable with the deal. We have clients that have closed the deals even before the property is ready. Yes, we are that good!!



We have seen an unprecedented rise in the fields of e- commerce in the last 2 years, be it business-to-business, business-to-consumer and even consumer-to-consumer. From groceries to big commercial goods all can be bought online. This has suddenly led to the requirement of huge and well-maintained storage facilities. This gives you the great opportunity to turn your redundant property to a profit-making venture. We have experience of closing deals with some of the biggest e-commerce companies in India. We are today recognised as one of the top realtors in the north-east and the big names across India choose us to partner with them. Some of them are Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance & other 3PL companies etc.



We are the best point of contact if you have any requirement for land or if you have a piece of land that you would like to sell or construct. Land is one of the most critical real estates to deal with mainly due to the legalities involved around it. Our team of experts work out the safest and the most profitable land deals in the north-east. We access the revenue generation potential of the property and verify the paperwork of the property. This makes it a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer. We help directly sell the land or convert them into commercial, residential or warehouse properties depending on the location of the property.



Recently Sidvin Realty has tied up with Franchise India Brands Limited that have more than 1000 + brands under their name. Some of the big names that we have worked in the north-east are Westside, Zudio, Pantaloons, Max Tanishq, Titan Eye Plus, World Of Titan, Linen Club etc. Franchise is a business model wherein a well-established business allows others to operate their business in exchange of a fee. The parent company gives the rights to the franchise owner to run the business exactly as their own. The parent company will provide the branding material, products and training to the franchise owners. Franchise models have a bigger success rate and are easier to operate than start-ups.



We are one of the biggest and the fastest growing realtors in the north-east. We invite people to become our channel partners and grow with us. This is a good source of extra income. You may be a business owner, a service holder, a student, a housewife or any other self employed person. Once you become our associate and start working with us, your income earning potential increases substantially. To know more about this please visit www.badarealtor.com.

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We are one of the oldest realtors in the north-east and have with us years of learning. The years of experience enable us to close deals faster than any other competitors.